Affiliations & Partnerships

The Gateway Church (TGC) is independent and autonomous in the sense that it does not belong to an overarching denomination, organisation or stream. Its highest spiritual governance under Jesus Christ is given through a team of Elders.

Though denominationally independent, we consider ourselves interdependent within the wider church, in that we recognise the need for unity, friendships and partnerships with Christian churches and organisations who share the same core beliefs.

We have many strong connections with Christian leaders, churches and organisations - locally, nationally and internationally.

Locally our leadership are represented within two unity movements: Together in Christ Tyneside (led by Rev Dr Robert Ward, Vicar of St Luke's, Spital Tongues) and The Tyneside Leaders Forum (Led by respected leaders from across Tyneside from numerous denominations). 

The Gateway Church TGC is registered with, and regulated by The Charity Commission (Number: 1164161) and is legally governed by a board of trustees. TGC is also a member of the following organisations:

Evangelical Alliance - A national organisation for Evangelical Churches and organisations. All members are nominated by two other churches who can vouch for their integrity and conduct (one of whom must already be a member of the EA), providing a measure of spiritual accountability.

Christian Safeguarding Service - An independent Christian safeguarding organisation, helping us to make TGC a safe place for all who attend or come into contact with us. 

Stewardship - An independent Christian giving organisation, helping us provide transparency and accountability for those making financial contributions to the work of TGC, through handling our giving and providing external auditing of our accounts and financial practices.