How can I give?

You are able to support us in a variety of different ways, either by partnering with us on a regular basis or with a one off gift.

Partner with us on a regular basis

To give on a regular basis please go to work in connection with Stewardship who are a Christian organisation that support churches. If you are a UK tax payer Stewardship will claim 25% gift aid from your donation (i.e. if you give £100, the government adds to your gift and the church receives £125). 

One off gift also allows you to give a one off gift by going to You can also do this in person. Every Sunday people have the opportunity to place their gifts in the offering. 

Resourcing God's work through financial giving is an important part of Christian living. To be faithful in discipling believers and reaching out into the community we need finances so that we can: help support those who have committed to to serve the church full time, provide space for the church community to meet and pray, bless the local community through mercy projects, and produce materials which can be used to bring people into a greater understanding of Jesus.