At The Gateway Church, we value the opportunity to have extended time together where we can talk about real life issues, dig deeper into the Bible and pray for one another. Gateway Groups are an excellent way to do this. There is plenty of time to hang out, drink lots of tea and coffee and catch up with friends. We spend most of our time discussing how we can grow in our faith and how to live a Christ-like life. We also give time to prayer, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister through one another. Our aim in these groups is to hear from God and support one another as we live in obedience to what He is saying to us. 

If you'd like to visit a Gateway Group or are interested in knowing more, get in touch by via our online contact form

Gateway Groups are for everybody, so follow these links to find out more about our groups for children and teenagers.

  • Group Leader: Jim Hall

    This group meets on the west side of St John's Cemetery in South Benwell at the Sanctuary. For more information on how to find the Sanctuary, please follow this link. This is a mixed gender group meaning it is made up of both men and women. This group meets every Wednesday evening. 

  • Group Leader: David Olatunji

    This group meets fortnightly in Tyne and Wear in Willington Quay, near Howdon. This group is a mixed gender group meaning it is made up of both men and women.

  • Group Leader: Olly Seymour

    This group meet in the Morpeth area of Northumberland. It is a mixed gender group and meets every Thursday.

  • Group Leader: Jess Hall

    This group meets once a month at The Sanctuary in South Benwell. It's an opportunity for mum's to fellowship together and bring with them their young children. To find out when this group is one pick up a What's On Sheet on a Sunday morning, or contact us at

  • Group Leader: Mags Seymour

    This group meets every Thursday (apart from the Thursday when the Mother's Daytime group is on). This group meets in a home in Grainger Park as a place for women to be encouraged and built up in their faith.